vendredi 20 septembre 2013

The Pintester Movement is back!!


Bonjour à tous!

Aujourd'hui pour cette 3eme édition du Pintester Movement by Sonja Foust, j'ai choisi de tester les fleurs en tissus dont vous trouverez le tuto complet et très bien expliqué (en anglais, désolée) ICI

Today for the third edition of the Pintester Movement by Sonja Foust, I chose to try the Fabric Flowers made with FIIIIIIRRRRRE!!! Here is the complete and very well explained tuto. Click HERE

Pour ça il faut du tissus synthétique (avec du coton ça ne marche pas, voir video qui suit) car c'est la chaleur qui va faire fondre les mailles et donner un aspect ... euh... pétale!
J'ai donc découpé 3 cercles dans de la doublure et 3 cercles dans du coton. Pas la peine de bien découper, on va le cramer de toutes façons!

I am sure you'll read the tuto but roughly, you need synthetic fabric (it won't work with (SPOIL ALERT!!) cotton, see the video below) it's actually the heat that will melt the fibers and give a ... "petal" look. So here are my circles, you need 6 for one flower. I did 3 with lining fabric, and 3 with 100% cotton. Don't bother to cut them precisely, we'll burn them anyway!

 Then cut the petals. With scissors it works well. You could use a chainsaw as well but I am not sure of the results. (WHAT??? AM I DRUNK?)


Et MAINTENANT, Mesdames et Messieurs, je vous présente, ma toute première video! avec montage, accélération, musique et tout le bordel!
And NOW, Ladies & Gentlemen, I present you to my first homemade video! With effects, music and all that shit!

Voilà les résultats, avec la doublure et le coton. A close-up of the results.

J'ai aussi voulu essayer avec du tulle. Ca fonctionne mais ça le crame quand même. I also tried with tulle. It works but it burns a little if you leave it half a second too long.

Et voilà le resultat final, avec quelques perles épinglées au centre.

Merci d'avoir regardé!!!  Thanks for watching!!


8 commentaires:

  1. I love that this is in French AND English. I pretended to know what I was reading in French, but in truth it's been 7 years since my last French lesson, yikes. I've always wanted to take them again though!

    The flower is cute, too :) My pin-test was a recipe, check it out if you want to!

  2. Your flower looks adorable!! Congratulations, that's definitely a pin-win in my books :)

  3. Wow, that turned out really pretty! AND there's a video with fire, in true Pintester fashion. ;) Love it!

  4. It came out absolutely lovely. And I laughed... so win all around!

  5. Magnifique! You are much braver than I am; you used a FIRE pin! I think your flower turned out pretty and I'll tuck the tip about not using cotton away should I ever grow a pair and try a pin that requires an open flame.

  6. Love the flower...and the fire. Looks nice.

  7. Thanks everybody! It looks nice indeed and I did only with what I had. Now I want to try with the color of my future wedding as I'd like to make bouquet out of them!

  8. I've GOT to read the instructions on my fire extinguisher so I can try some of the fire pins. That's right. I have the things, but don't know how to use them. Not only that. They don't exactly lend themselves to any but modern functional decor, so I hide them in inconspicuous places; the house would probably burn down before I could fetch them.