samedi 1 juin 2013

Pintester Movement Part II

Hello again,

After the Jellyfish disaster, I decided to try the seaglass effect with glue and food coloring.

We dont have Elmers Glue in France but I guess it is the same as any school liquid glue. That's all I have anyway!

So, I mixed some glue and some food coloring as instructed here

Mix it up and paint it

I am not sure if it's supposed to react like that, buut it makes some sort of bubbles.

Let it dry for a few hours

If you let it dry on a paper, it will stick to it.... just for you to know!

 And once dry, it looks like... colored glue on a glass!

The fun part was to peel it off! It reminded me the Glue blackhead remover!

And no more blackheads on my glass!!

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