jeudi 30 mai 2013

The Pintester Movement!!


Today I'll be part of the Pintester Movement by making one of my pins from Pinterest. You know, the one you said, "I'll try this one... maybe... one day..." Well, it's time to DO IT!

So I checked my "To do" board and I decided to try the Jellyfish in the bottle!

You can find the full tutorial here 

It looks quite easy so... LET'S GO!

First step, gather the necessary equipment:

 I already have everything needed! Yay!

First you have to cut the bag so that you have one flat side.

 Now, create the head of your jellyfish but don't tie the knot too much, you will have to put water in it.
 Then, cut out the tentacles. I thought you just had to cut it at random until it looks like tentacles, but after I cut, I read that you have to cut it in a specific order. Screw this, it looks like a jellyfish anyway!

 Fill the head in water but leave some air, it has to float a little.

 Strongly tie the knot and try to put it in the botttle.

The head is fucking too big, it won't go in the bottle!

 And the water drips everywhere! So try to untie the damn knot you just strongly tied to reduce the size of the head.
 Before putting it back in the bottle I added the food colorant. Mine must be outdated because there are some solid pieces inside!!?? Let's say it's the jellyfish food.
 Looks "nice" once inside.... but not enough food coloring.

I like the color, but I think my jellyfish is DEAD!

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